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Creating Ruin: Theorising Ruins

seminar at the National Art Museum of Ukraine, 2021

Creatingruin. net by Method Fund
A publication launch and performance
20 October, 2–4 pm

School of Architecture
Old Library
London Road Campus
4 Redlands Road
University of Reading

Method Fund are launching a new online publication, Creatingruin. net as a collection of works by artists and researchers who draw their focus on issues of the past, revealing them as cultural memory ruins.
This first edition of the publication aims to kick start a discussion on the ways cultural archives are collected and interpreted. It also reflects on the relationship between creative action and violence, the reconstruction of the past and present and their simultaneous re-construction. 
Kyiv-based independent cultural organisation Method Fund functions as an experimental, self-educational project focused on the search for a new site-specific contemporary art institution. It aims to test new forms of self-organisation, self-determination and collaboration, and a responsive mode of art education to support young artists in their specific local context and in response to current political urgencies. Following Lada Nakonechna's residency at Reading’s Abbey Ruins, Method Fund responded to this historical site, which was destroyed, purged and looted marking Reading’s warring history.

The publication is designed by designer and researcher Lozana Rossenova incorporating elements created with Webrecorder, a software piloted by Rhizome. 

With contributions by
Kateryna Badianova
Yevgenia Belorusets
Nikita Kadan
Ivan Melnichuk
Lada Nakonechna
Stanislav Menzelevskyi/Anna Onufriienko/Elias Parvulesco
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PereDvizh/De Ne De
Anna Scherbyna 



Between July and September, we are screening an online programme of video works, which demonstrate different states of ‘ruin’, showing fragments of lives in contemporary Ukraine, where everyday relations, war, and mass manipulation have become inseparable and the rhetoric of capitalism is fused with that of national heritage.

See full programme here


Presentation and exhibition of the ongoing project during an event at the Abbey Gateway.

Launch event: Friday, 6th July, 18:00—21:00

Thursday, 5th July, 11:00—18:00
Friday, 6th July, 11:00—21:00
Saturday, 7th July, 11:00—18:00


Thursday, 5th July
15:00 – 17:00
Drawing workshop at the Abbey Ruins with Lada Nakonechna.
Details here

Friday, 6th July
15:00 – 17:00
Webrecorder: Web Archiving for All! – Workshop with Lozana Rossenova
Details here

Saturday, 7th July
15:00 – 17:00
Drawing workshop at the Abbey Ruins with Lada Nakonechna
Details here