Birmingham Ornament

[2 September—16 September]
Birmingham Ornament
Yuri Leiderman and Andrey Silvestrov 
67:00 mins

Cast: Alexander Leiderman, Stas Podlipskiy, Tsagan Mukabenova, Vyacheslav Turin and others
Producer: Gleb Aleinikov
Directors of photography: Ruslan Vitukhin, Natalia Morris, Alexander Mozhevanov and others
Studio "Cine Fantom"

Birmingham Ornament consists of various fragments based on texts by Yuri Leiderman acted out by different characters such as two "TV announcers", an "Odessa chanson singer", a "Berlin street philosopher" etc. This fictional line is interwoven with fragments in which Yuri Leiderman's father talks about his family’s ordeals during the years of the Second World War.