20 October 2018 • PereDvizh/De Ne De

Archeological Expedition “Vinnytsia Reservation of Household Waste №1”, Mala Strizhavka village,  Ukraine, video and photo documentation, 2016

It was an Expedition to Mala Strizhavka village carried out by four dare-devils who without any hesitations hit the road in the search for the lost pages of history. The expeditors didn’t get frightened and didn’t step back facing the different dangers as gipsies, mad dogs, poisonous smells of public wastes, employees of Institute of National memory, threats from authority. They ventured on difficult and dangerous searches of the monuments from the past that were taken away in the light impulse of decommunization. They went to recover a historical justice and made an effort to glue together the broken vase of times. A small step for a man is a huge jump through impossibility for a tender modern society