Some landscapes of the left-bank Ukraine

20 October 2018 • Anna Shcherbyna

Semenivka. Psychiatric hospital (2016)

Семенівка. Психіатрична лікарня (2016), акварель, папір, 30х40

Semenivka. Ancient motive (2016)

Семенівка. Античний мотив (2016), акварель, папір, 30х40

Kramatorsk. Аerodrome (2016)

Краматорськ. Аеродром (2016), акварель, папір, 30х40


The artist was collecting materials for miniature landscape paintings while traveling around the Lugansk and Donetsk regions during 2016-18. Some of the buildings represented on paintings were plagued by war, while others were ruined due to economic decline. But it’s often impossible to recognize the decay on such scale. The format of a miniature adds a lyrical mood to images but doesn’t relieve us of anxiety. Can we simply admire ruins, or do we have to stare until we recognize their reasons?