The house faded into the ground

20 October 2018 • Studio12345678910
_Studio 4189_main

In the city of Dnipro, at Sichovyh Striltsiv str., 24, there’s a ruined brick house. At the moment, its street front, several walls, and brick piles generated after the collapse remain intact. We’re looking at the ruin as at the place deprived of its function and control, therefore open to various spontaneous impacts of nature, specific human activity, and processes that modify the condition of building’s materials. We’re trying to explore and display these impacts by rebuilding a fragment of shapelessness of brick piles. Using the materials and artifacts that form these piles, in the very same place, we’re building expositional space that reveals the components of this shapelessness. From the moment of the exhibition opening, the space we’ve built has stopped being controlled by us and will again turn into the state of shapelessness.

Photos: Oleksandr Hants, Lera Malchenko