Ukrainian Land

[3 August—17 August]
Ukrainian Land
R.E.P. group 
1:53 mins

A short video featuring a romantic Ukrainian landscape, accompanied by a poignant soundtrack, turns out to be a television commercial selling off pieces of land. Here, strangely, the rhetoric of capitalism fuses with that of national heritage. The video is promoting the beauty and value of ‘the land of our ancestors’ and could turn into a successful marketing campaign, if concepts and understanding of ownership and place will not be radically rethought.Music: Oleksandr Kokhanovsky
Thanks to Vladimir Arsentyev, New Channel, Ukraine 


R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) was established 2004 in Kiev by Ksenia Hnylytska, Zhanna Kadyrova, Nikita Kadan, Lesia Khomenko, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Lada Nakonechna.